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Adam McIntyre's Pets

Does Adam McIntyre Have Any Pets?

McIntyre's personal life includes his beloved pets: two dogs named Bonnie and Dolly. He also had two cats, Tyler and Milo, both of whom sadly passed away in January and November 2023, respectively.

Dolly (Dog)

Adam McIntyre has a dog named Dolly.

Bonnie (Dog)

Adam McIntyre also has a dog named Bonnie.

Tyler (Cat)

Adam McIntyre had a cat named Tyler that passed away in January 2023.

Milo (Cat)

Adam McIntyre had another cat named Milo that passed away in November 2023.

Adam McIntyre

Adam McIntyre Pets


September 30, 2002 (21)

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Adam McIntyre is an Irish YouTuber renowned for his commentary videos on various internet personalities, primarily featuring edited segments from his Twitch livestreams. In addition to his main channel, he maintains a second channel dedicated to vlogging. McIntyre’s content gained significant momentum in July 2023 following public support in response to allegations he made against Colleen Ballinger. Born in Derry, Northern Ireland, McIntyre experienced a significant life change in October 2023 when he relocated from Brighton to Manchester after being doxxed.