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Tom Segura's Pets

Does Tom Segura Have Any Pets?

Bitsy (Dog)

Tom Segura has a dog named Bitsy.

Theo (Dog)

Tom Segura had another dog named Theo that passed away in 2019.

Tom Segura

Tom Segura Pets


April 16, 1979 (45)

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Tom Segura is an American comedian, actor, and podcaster, celebrated for his clever wit and compelling storytelling that have entertained audiences worldwide.

Tom Segura’s name is synonymous with his witty stand-up comedy specials, of which he has released several on Netflix. These include “Completely Normal” (2014), “Mostly Stories” (2016), “Disgraceful” (2018), and “Ball Hog” (2020). His comedy is marked by a keen observational prowess, a flair for storytelling, and an unflinching honesty that resonates with audiences. Segura’s comedic talent also extends to the small screen, where he stars in the popular podcast “Your Mom’s House,” co-hosted with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky.

Throughout his career, Segura has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous noteworthy individuals from the entertainment industry. Comedians like Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, Bill Burr, and Marc Maron have all been regular guests on “Your Mom’s House,” contributing to lively and often hilarious conversations. Actors including Danny Trejo and Ryan Sickler have featured in his stand-up specials. Additionally, Segura’s collaborations extend beyond comedy, with musician Snoop Dogg and professional fighter Brendan Schaub appearing on his podcast.

Segura’s comedy has earned him considerable recognition within the industry. In 2016, his Netflix special “Mostly Stories” was nominated for a Just For Laughs award, a testament to his skillful blend of humor and narrative. Moreover, his podcast “Your Mom’s House” has consistently ranked among the top comedy podcasts on various platforms.