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Peacock Banned From United Airlines Has Instagram & It’s Gold

It turns out the peacock who was banned from a United Airlines flight to LA has a fire IG account.

The flashy bird who was kicked off of a United Airlines flight is actually something of a celebrity. The peacock, whose name is Dexter, lives in Bushwick with his artist mother, Ventiko.

While you might assume excessive hipsterdom as the reason for the pet’s existence, you would be wrong (and probably feel a little guilty when you hear the beautiful truth).

Dexter is a rescue, a widower, and once was a father. He was initially purchased along with his lover, Etta, in Miami before performing in an art installation. Ventiko found shelter for the two lovebirds in a friends garden but the new place didn’t last long. One day, Etta and the families’ four peacock babies disappeared. Were they kidnapped? Did Etta grow bored of domesticity and run away to pursue her dreams? Did another, flashier peacock sweep her off her taloned feet?

We’ll never know. And neither will Dexter. Heartbroken, he grew temperamental and sensitive. His new owner and he grew apart. Ventiko heard that Dexter was spending his depressing existence locked up in a garage and she flew down to save him.

After a few failed attempts at finding Dexter a suitable home, she sent him to a farm in upstate New York – which he promptly destroyed. The owners of the farm called Ventiko to collect Dex, stating “you’ve got to come get your monster”. Realizing she was at the end of her options, Ventiko brought Dexter back to Bushwick and the two have been living happily ever after since – except for when United denies them seats.

Being an exceptional model, Dexter helps mom and conceptual artist Ventiko with her photography. He also struts the concrete jungle looking fab as f**k on his Chihuahua leash, avoiding the crowds who can’t help but ask for a photo.