Are you tired of your pets just being happy all the time? Sometimes, our furry friends who are just too darn tired of life. These pets have had enough of your constant demands for cuddles, feeding them on time, and playing with them. Lets look into the crankiest of cats, the grumpiest of dogs, and the surliest of small animals.

Grumpy Pets

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Green Haired Turtle Breathes Through His Junk & Is More Punk Than You

Iggy Pop ain’t got nothin’ on this sea creature. The Mary River Turtle sports a green mohawk made of algae, two protruding spikes from its chin, and an ability to breath air through its genitals. This turtle is more Joey Ramone than Joey Ramone.

Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Breaks Farmers Arm, Smashes Through Metal Fence, and Escapes by Swimming to an Abandoned Island

Even the cows in Poland are tough as nails. One badass bovine decided to take matters into her own hooves after finding out she was destined for the slaughterhouse. Her farmer tried to warn the transport crew that they would need to sedate the furious cow before loading her into the truck.

Rascal Wild Has a Nose You Must Boop

Rascal “it’s a trap” Wild @rascal_wild is a rescue cat who loves mischief. He’s a tuxedo cat with the heart of a troublemaker and the nose of a gentleman – much like his namesake. Rascal began his life as a stray, cruisin’ the mean streets of Marysville, Washington.

Bald Eagle Lands on Pitcher James Paxton During Major Leagues Game

During the American national anthem, a bald eagle decided to land on major league Mariners pitcher James Paxton’s shoulder. Is there any sentence more steeped in stars and stripes than that? James Paxton was minding his own business during the American national anthem when suddenly a bald eagle decided he looks like a great perch.

Lifetime Hotel Ban Due To Pepperoni Seagull Debauchery Lifted After 17 Years

17 years ago Nick Burchill made the mistake of leaving his hotel room window open. What followed was a string of unfortunate events earning him to a lifetime ban from The Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC. Nick Burchill is a simple man from Nova Scotia.

Canuck the Crow causes havoc on Canadian West Coast

Canuck the Crow @canuck_and_i has a rap sheet a mile long, causing mischief and mayhem wherever he goes. The crow is half-domesticated, half-wild, and all hilarious. From stealing active crime-scene evidence to being hired as an actual employee at the PNE the crow is an urban legend come to life.

Sloth Commits B&E In Search of Snacks, Gets Busted

Sloths, also known as the kingpins of the underworld. Or, at least this one is. Sort of.

Video of Dog Stealing Pancakes is Lit – Literally

This canine is not only a thief but an arsonist to boot. The dog was caught on a Southwick families security camera nabbing some leftover pancakes. The pooch also accidentally bumped the stove on, starting a fire and creating mayhem.

Hank the Tank is High as a Kite Following Vet Visit

Hank the Tank @hanktheaussietank is an Australian Shepherd who had a recent run-in with the vet. Hank was able to come home but was still flyin’ high with some morphine in his system. The pooch had stepped on a rusty nail and needed surgery but has made a full recovery.

Tiny Dog Chases Off Massive Crocodile in Australia

Small dogs have a reputation for thinking they’re tougher than they look. This little Aussie pup is no exception. A tiny, blonde pup chased after a 3.5 meter croc at Goat Island in Australia.