Are you tired of your pets just being happy all the time? Sometimes, our furry friends who are just too darn tired of life. These pets have had enough of your constant demands for cuddles, feeding them on time, and playing with them. Lets look into the crankiest of cats, the grumpiest of dogs, and the surliest of small animals.

Grumpy Pets

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Bunny Mistaken for Bomb In Airport – Causes Havoc

Rule number one in an airport: Don’t leave your bags unattended. Especially if they contain an adorable bunny. Australia’s Adelaide Airport had a security scare when someone left a pink Lorna Jane bag unattended in the women’s toilets.

Only in Cali: Chill Bear Sips Margarita While In Jacuzzi

You might think you’re chill, but you’re nowhere near as chill as this bear sipping a margarita in a jacuzzi. The California heatwave has got everyone – animals included – looking for a way to cool down. Mark Hough, an Altadena, California local, left his unheated hot tub uncovered during the hot weather, accidentally inviting in an unwanted guest.

Felony Squirrel On The Run – Last Spotted In Alaska

The Alaskan police force has been outsmarted by a donut-loving squirrel. The squirrel brazenly stole a donut from an officer in Anchorage, Alaska – and is still at large. ” Seriously.

IRL balloon animal: Rare condition turned wiener dog into a jumbo hot dog

Trevor, a dachshund living in England had a pretty normal four years of life as a normal-sized sausage dog. Until one morning his human’s mom commented that Trevor looked like he was gaining weight. They didn’t think much of it at first, but as they ate breakfast, he seemed to keep getting bigger.

Goat Gives Birth to Twin Goat Babies During Yoga Class

Remember Goat Yoga or Alpaca Dance Classes, the trendy practice of including cute farm animals in your exercise class? Sometimes, surprise surprise, including live animals in your yoga routine doesn’t go according to plan. Red Wagon Goats is a landscaping company without any lawnmowers – instead, they rent out their goats.

This Dog Figured Out How To Buy Treats On His Own

This pooch is one smart cookie. In Monterrey, Colombia a black dog has been living on Colombia’s Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare campus, but he’s not your average mutt. It might have been the exposure to the educational system, or maybe he’s just fiscally responsible but “Negro” the dog has figured out how to buy treats on his own.

Loki the Sphinx Cat is Hella Terrifying But Actually Quite Sweet

Dear readers of Celebrity Pets, prepare to panic. Loki the Cat @loki_the_sphynx is an absolutely terrifying spawn of Satan hailing from the depths of hell. Or, as some call it, Brooklyn.

Expert Escape Artist Pepper the Cat Finally Apprehended in JFK Airport

Pepper, the feline reincarnation of Houdini, was finally found in JFK’s sprawling terminal 4 after escaping on April 20th. The cat spent a full week cruising dusty alcoves in the airport, eluding Port Authority police. Pepper’s owner missed a flight to China attempting to find her cat but had to board her re-scheduled flight.

Goose Hates Golf, Attacks Local Teen in Rage

A Canadian goose decided to take vengeance against teens and golf alike during a Michigan high school golf tournament. Isaac Couling, a 16-year-old sophomore, had just finished teeing off the seventh hole and was walking down the fairway when the vicious sneak attack occurred. Luckily, the teen was not alone.

Dog Misdiagnosed with Cancer but Actually Just Loves Eating Teddy Bears

Maisy is a St Bernard with a penchant for eating things she shouldn’t. Like any worried mother, Jane Dickinson rushed Maisy to the vet when she realized something was wrong with her 8-year-old fur baby. Following a CT scan by vet Nick Blackburn of Paragon Veterinary Referrals, Maisy was diagnosed with cancer.