Boba the forklift-certified corgi is here to deliver Christmas

Congrats to Boba the corgi for recently getting forklift certified and all his hard work!

Now he’s on-call in case Santa needs any help delivering presents this year.

And if Santa doesn’t watch out, he could be out of a job!

This good boy also helped out at Thanksgiving too!

Boba showing a human how it’s done.

He’ll also have a little fun showing his buddies down at the dog park too.

But he gets pretty serious when it comes to his treats and toys.

On weekends, Boba trades in his forklift to cruise in his Mercedes AMG.

He just needs to take it easy on the gas pedal sometimes.

For forklifting fun and more, follow @corgibobaa on Instagram and Tiktok. And for another inspirational corgi, check out Jojo the surfing champ corgi.

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