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Therése Lindgren's Pets

Does Therése Lindgren Have Any Pets?

Ronja (Dog)

Therése Lindgren has a dog named Ronja.

Chanel (Dog)

Therése Lindgren has another dog named Chanel.

Milo & Mira (Rabbit)

Therése Lindgren has two Rabbits named Milo and Mira.

Kiwi (Bird)

Therése Lindgren has a bird named Kiwi.

Mini (Hamster)

Therése Lindgren has a Hamster named Mini.

Therése Lindgren

Therése Lindgren Pets


February 15, 1987 (37)

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Therese Lindgren is a Swedish YouTuber who has seamlessly transitioned from a beauty and lifestyle vlogger into a prominent online personality with substantial influence in her home country and beyond. Over the years, Lindgren has consistently produced videos that resonate with a diverse audience, ensuring she remains a relevant and vibrant voice in the online content creation space.

While Lindgren’s primary medium remains YouTube, her diverse range of content, from beauty and lifestyle tips to vlogs and personal narratives, allows her to connect with viewers on multiple levels. This breadth in content strategy has earned her a robust followership, boasting over 1.2 million subscribers. On average, her videos attract more than 250,000 views, with some even crossing the million-view mark. It’s not just about makeup tutorials and lifestyle advice; Lindgren frequently delves deep, sharing personal stories that inspire, motivate, and often, entertain.

Throughout her journey, Lindgren’s collaborations with various personalities, both within and outside the YouTube community, have been remarkable. For instance, her interactions with fellow content creators like Clara Henry, Katrin Berndt, and Anty (Anton Granlund) have been particularly noteworthy. She has also collaborationed with popular people including Ida Warg, Simon Lussetti, Thomas Sekelius, Daniel Paris, Lovisa Worge, and Mathilda Wärn.

Over the years, Lindgren has earned the prestigious Guldtuben award multiple times. In 2016, for instance, she secured the ‘Year’s YouTube Star’ and ‘Year’s Beauty Guru’ titles, a testament to her dual strength in personal branding and her niche expertise. Additionally, in 2017, she added ‘Year’s Role Model’ to her list of distinctions.