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Taymour Ghazi has a dog.

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Taymour Ghazi also has a cat at home.

Taymour Ghazi

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1974 (50)

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Taymour Ghazi, an actor with a growing portfolio, has made notable contributions to the film industry, particularly through his roles in “IRL” (2019) and “Maple Palm” (2006). In “IRL,” directed by Ricardo Perez-Selsky, Ghazi was part of a cast that explored the complexities of online dating and modern relationships. The film, which premiered at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, received positive reviews, including a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. “Maple Palm,” a romantic drama directed by Ralph Torjan, focused on a lesbian couple’s struggles, with Ghazi playing a significant role. The film was recognized for addressing important political and social issues.

Ghazi’s career is marked by collaborations with a range of artists and celebrities. In “IRL,” he worked alongside Chase Hinton, Johanna Sol, Eric Roberts, and Haskell V. Anderson III, among others. His performance in “Maple Palm” saw him acting with Deborah Stewart and Andrea Carvajal.

While specific awards and distinctions for Taymour Ghazi are not detailed, his participation in critically acclaimed projects like “IRL” and “Maple Palm” underscores his growing presence in the film industry