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January 10, 2000 (24)

Reneé Rapp is an American actress and singer, recognized for her portrayal of Regina George in the Broadway musical “Mean Girls” and for her role as Leighton Murray in the HBO Max teen comedy series “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” Rapp’s career took off with her award-winning high school performance in “Big Fish,” leading to her Broadway debut and subsequent ventures into television and music.

Rapp’s journey in the entertainment industry began with her standout performance in her high school’s production of “Big Fish,” for which she won the Jimmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in 2018. This early success paved the way for her Broadway debut as Regina George in “Mean Girls” from 2019 to 2020, a role that garnered widespread acclaim. Transitioning to television, Rapp starred as Leighton Murray in “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” further solidifying her position in the industry. Alongside her acting career, Rapp ventured into music, releasing her debut EP “Everything to Everyone” in 2022, followed by her full-length studio album “Snow Angel” in 2023.

Rapp’s career is marked by significant collaborations with a variety of artists and celebrities. She performed at the 2018 Supergirl Pro Surf and Music Festival and participated in The Educational Theatre Foundation’s Broadway Back to School event. Rapp also appeared in Roundabout Theatre Company’s reading of “Parade” and performed at BroadwayCon’s 2019 Star to Be event. Her role in “Mean Girls” led to a performance at The Green Room 42, introduced by Tina Fey. Rapp’s music career includes collaborations with producers and artists such as Alexander 23, Jon Bellion, and Coco Jones.

Rapp’s accolades extend beyond her Jimmy Award, reflecting her impact in both theater and music. Her portrayal of Regina George in “Mean Girls” was a critical success, contributing to the musical’s Tony Award nominations. Her music career, particularly with the release of “Snow Angel,” has seen positive reviews and chart success, marking her as a significant figure in the contemporary music scene. Her tours, including “Everything to Everyone: The First Shows” and the “Snow Hard Feelings” tour, have been met with high ticket demand and sold-out shows, underscoring her growing popularity and influence in the entertainment industry.