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July 31, 1990 (33)

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Raye Boyce, widely known by her social media handle @ItsMyRayeRaye, is a prominent beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer based in the United States. Over the years, Raye has crafted a significant presence online with her detailed beauty tutorials and product reviews which she showcases to her following on various social media platforms​.

Raye first ventured into the digital world through a blog on Tumblr, where she began by sharing makeup looks and affordable beauty finds. This initial foray sparked significant interest and led her to start her YouTube channel in March 2012, upon the encouragement of fellow YouTuber Andrea’s Choice. Since then, Raye has expanded her content to include not only beauty tips but also personal musings on life and mental health, adventure vlogs with her husband, and coping strategies for depression and anxiety​.

Her significant impact on the beauty community is particularly noted for increasing visibility and representation for Black women in beauty, a space where she was one of the pioneers. Raye has been instrumental in fostering a community that celebrates diversity and inclusion, having started at a time when such creators were few​.