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Nala (Dog)

Payton Myler has a dog named Nala.

Payton Myler

Payton Myler Pets


September 6, 2008 (15)

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Payton Myler is an American actor, primarily recognized for her role in the television series ‘HeroForce.’ In addition to her breakout role in ‘HeroForce,’ Myler’s portfolio of work includes several noteworthy projects. One of her most remarkable performances was in the web series ‘Ninja Kidz TV,’ where she combined her acting and athletic prowess to deliver a captivating portrayal of a young, empowered ninja. On the big screen, Myler’s distinct performance in the film ‘A Girl’s Best Friend’.

Myler’s career has also been marked by notable collaborations with a myriad of fellow actors and public figures. Her work with fellow ‘HeroForce’ cast members, including Ashton Myler, Paxton Myler, and Bryton Myler. Further, collaborations with Alyssa Funicello, Matt Duggan, and Tommy Walker, have demonstrated her capacity to work seamlessly across a wide range of projects and roles. The list of eminent figures Myler has worked with extends beyond actors, including high-profile directors such as Danny Philippou and Michael Younesi.

Despite her young age, Myler has amassed considerable recognition for her performances. She was honored with the ‘Best Ensemble Cast’ award for her work in ‘HeroForce’ at the Utah Film Awards. Her performance in ‘A Girl’s Best Friend’ also earned her a nomination for ‘Best Leading Young Actress’ at the Young Artist Awards.