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Oliver, based in Farmville, VA, lives with his three dogs on a property he intends to develop into a small farm for livestock. Notably, he declined an $8 million record deal to pursue this dream. Oliver’s three dogs have gained media attention, mentioned in publications like the LA Times, but we weren’t able to source their names[1].

Oliver Anthony

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June 30, 1992 (32)

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Oliver Anthony, known by his stage name and performing under Oliver Anthony Music, is an American country-folk singer-songwriter who has made a significant impact in the music industry. His career took a remarkable turn with the release of his single “Rich Men North of Richmond” in August 2023. This song debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, a notable achievement as Anthony was the first artist to reach this position without any prior charting history. His music, deeply rooted in the country-folk genre, reflects his personal experiences and struggles, resonating with a wide audience.

Anthony’s journey in music began in 2021, and he has been active since 2022 under the name Oliver Anthony Music. His style and performance have been compared to notable figures in music, with Winston Marshall likening his song “Doggonit” to a character from “Hillbilly Elegy.” Influenced by the legendary Hank Williams, Anthony’s music often explores themes of personal struggle and societal issues.

In his career, Anthony has collaborated with various artists and celebrities, enhancing his presence in the music scene. His performance at a farmers market in Barco, North Carolina, was joined by surprise guest Jamey Johnson, showcasing his ability to connect with other musicians. His songs have ranked high on various charts, with six of his songs in the iTunes top 20, including “I’ve Got to Get Sober,” which reached No. 3 on the Apple platform. His song “Ain’t Gotta Dollar” topped the Viral 50 list on Spotify and reached No. 2 on iTunes.