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Stizzy (Dog)

Breed: French Bulldog | Adopted Aug 2023

Natanael Cano adopted a French Bulldog named Stizzy in August 2023.

Natanael Cano

Natanael Cano Pets


March 27, 2001 (23)

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Natanael Cano is a Mexican rapper, musician, and singer. He is recognized for pioneering the fusion of trap music with regional Mexican corridos, creating a unique genre known as corridos tumbados. Cano’s innovative style has made him a standout figure in the music industry, particularly with his corrido tumbado “Soy El Diablo,” which was proposed by Dan Sanchez.

Cano’s musical journey began with his self-taught piano skills, leading to his first song on YouTube, “El de los lentes Gucci.” He signed with the Los Angeles-based urban regional Mexican label Rancho Humilde in March 2019. Under the guidance of label founder Jimmy Humilde, Cano’s career flourished, and he became known for his distinctive blend of genres. His partnership with Warner Music Latin and recognition as Apple Music’s Up Next artist of the month further propelled his career, highlighting him as a leading figure in regional Mexican music.