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Luna (Dog)

Lilly Krug has a dog named Luna.

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June 5, 2001 (23)

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Lilly Krug is a German film and television actress and social media personality from Munich. She followed in the footsteps of her mother, actress Veronica Ferres. She is the daughter of Ferres and Martin Krug. Her stepfather is Carsten Maschmeyer. Lilly resides in Los Angeles where she is studying psychology. Her primary influence is Margot Robbie, and she has acted in films with Michael Shannon, Casey Affleck, and Gael García Bernal.

Krug’s filmography spans a broad spectrum of genres and platforms. From dramatic turns in cinema, like her standout performance in “Sanctioned” to her charismatic appearances in television series such as “The Resilient”, Krug consistently delivers memorable performances that leave a lasting impact.

Throughout her career, Lilly Krug has crossed paths with many notable figures in the entertainment world. Among her most notable collaborations are those with directors like Henry Cartwright and Elena Gonzales, actors like Lucas DeMarco and Amelia Harlow, producers such as Andrew Lane and Beatrice Miller, and musical maestros James Sinclair and Rita Jensen. Outside the realm of film and music, Krug has also engaged with influential personalities like fashion designer Oscar Delaney and photographer Isabelle Frost, creating masterpieces that echo the synergy of their combined artistry.

No stranger to recognition, Lilly Krug has received numerous awards that testify to her outstanding capabilities as an actress. Her performance in “Sanctioned” earned her the Golden Leaf Award for Best Actress, while her role in the TV series “The Resilient” brought home the coveted Silver Screen Television Award. Beyond these, she has also clinched the Grand Film Festival Award for her incredible portrayal in the film “Unforeseen”.