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Dogs, Cats, Goals, Horses, and More

Chris Burkard shared on social that he once only had a bird named Shredder. Fast forward a few years, he has adopted dogs, cats, fish, chickens, ducks, alpacas, a goat a mini horse, and full size Rocky Mountain gaited horses.

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard Pets


March 12, 1986 (38)

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Chris Burkard is an American photographer and artist, based in the California Central Coast region. He photographs landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor, and travel subjects. Burkard takes a photojournalistic approach to make editorial projects, using multiple media. He uses natural light to capture humanizing moments.

Burkard specializes in photographing in cold places, including in Iceland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, India, Cuba, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, and Italy. Burkard has been named a top travel influencer.