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Chloe Mondesir is an esteemed American actress, best known for her memorable performance in the popular television series, “68 Whiskey.”

Mondesir’s acting career paints a vivid picture of diverse roles and exceptional performances. It was her turn as Sergeant Rosa Alvarez in the military drama “68 Whiskey” that launched her into the limelight. Set against the backdrop of a medevac base in Afghanistan, Mondesir’s portrayal of Rosa’s grit, courage, and compassion, was both compelling and relatable. Beyond “68 Whiskey,” Mondesir has appeared in a multitude of television series and films, including “Those Who Can’t” and “L.A.’s Finest.” The 2019 horror flick “Artik” presented a different side of her artistic palette, with Mondesir playing a decisive role in this suspenseful and thrilling narrative.

The industry has recognized Mondesir’s talent through a network of collaborations with well-known artists. A mentionable team-up is with Sam Keeley and Jeremy Tardy in “68 Whiskey,” where their performances complimented one another to create a more immersive experience. Her role in “Artik,” alongside actors like Jerry G. Angelo and Lauren Ashley Carter, highlighted the versatility of her acting skills. Other notable collaborations have been with actors Jake Busey in “L.A.’s Finest,” and Patton Oswalt in “Those Who Can’t,” along with Ben Begley, Renee Dorian in “The Funhouse Massacre,” and Chase Williamson in “Artik.”