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Benjamin Reichwald, known professionally as Bladee, is a a Swedish musician. Bladee was originally a member of the Drain Gang collective, alongside fellow musicians Ecco2k, Thaiboy Digital, and Whitearmor. Together, they have pushed the boundaries of contemporary rap music, defying traditional genre conventions and crafting a sound that seamlessly merges elements of hip-hop, electronic music, and alternative pop. This collective has released popular projects such as “Gluee,” “Red Light,” and “Eversince.” Bladee also worked with renowned Swedish rapper Yung Lean. Their joint efforts produced several influential projects, including “Unknown Death 2002” and “Warlord.”

Bladee’s works go beyond his collaborations within the Sad Boys collective. He has worked with a multitude of notable artists and celebrities including fashion icon and entrepreneur Virgil Abloh, who enlisted Bladee for his musical project “Serpentine.” In addition to his work with Virgil Abloh, Bladee has collaborated with esteemed rapper and producer A$AP Rocky. Their joint effort, “Wasted,” showcased Bladee’s ability to seamlessly integrate his distinct style into the realm of mainstream rap music. Bladee also worked with DJ and producer Arca. Their joint project, “Arca x Bladee,” combined Bladee’s ethereal vocals with Arca’s experimental production.