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Aphmau (Jessica Bravura)'s Pets

Does Aphmau (Jessica Bravura) Have Any Pets?

Jet (Dog)

Breed: Corgi | Adopted 2017

Aphmau (Jessica Bravura) has a corgi named Jet that she adopted in 2017.

Aphmau (Jessica Bravura)

Aphmau (Jessica Bravura) Pets


October 16, 1989 (34)

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Jessica Bravura, known online as Aphmau and formerly known as Challenge Accepted Inc, is an American content creator. Bravura has been known for a wide variety of content but is most well-known for her Minecraft content on her primary channel. She is popular for creating two types of Minecraft Content- from Roleplays, such as her popular MyStreet and MC: Diaries series, to her very unique style of Minecraft gaming videos.

Bravura started playing Minecraft in 2012, and since then has amassed over 16 million subscribers over her 4 channels. She’s been able to change and diversify her Minecraft content very successfully throughout her career. She is one of the 32 YouTubers to be featured in Kris Madas’ YouTuber Intro Challenge, while also being one of the few YouTubers to have their intro in it.