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How Many Pets Does David Portnoy's Have




David Portnoy had two dogs that he shared with Renee Portnoy, his ex-wife. She kept the dogs.



In January 2021, David Portnoy shared a photo of a dog that is believed to be his.

David Portnoy

David Portnoy

David Portnoy, born March 22, 1977, is an American internet celebrity, blogger, and founder of the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports.

After four years, Portnoy left the Yankee Group to begin what would eventually become Barstool Sports. Peter Chernin’s The Chernin Group purchased a majority stake of Barstool on January 7, 2016 and it was announced that the headquarters would move to New York City. In 2020, Penn National Gaming purchased a 36% stake in Barstool Sports from the founders for $163 million, including $135 million in cash and $28 million in Penn non-voting convertible preferred stock. Following the sale, The Chernin Group maintains a 36% stake in the company, while Portnoy continues to run the site and retains creative control over content.