Hong Snow the ASMR Mukbang Pomeranian is a Cute Little Foodie with a Big Appetite

Hong Snow (also known as Hong Seol) is a tiny white Pomeranian living the foodie dream in Korea: She gets millions of views making Mukbang and ASMR eating videos. If you’re somehow not familiar with “mukbang” it translates from Korean to “eating” and “broadcast”. Mukbang videos feature someone (usually a human) eating a ton of food for viewers’ entertainment. ASMR videos are videos that feature sounds that give the listener tingling or goosebump-like sensations. In this case, we’re pushing boring ol’ humans aside for this perfect little snowball. And in case you’re concerned, note that Nong Snow is only fed dog-friendly recipes.

And for all her hard work, Hong Snow has a luxurious doggy suite all to herself.

She also celebrated her seventh birthday in January!

Hong Snow also does recipe videos if you’re dog is getting a bit bored of their daily kibble.

Don’t forget that while influencers like Hong Snow make looking good look easy, they still have to put work in.

In case you’re wondering, Hong Snow and her human don’t just sit at home and snack, they also go out adventuring.

…Ok is this what happens when a dog eats too much human food??

And after a hard day’s work of eating, she’s ready for bed.

You can get your fill of Hong Snow (@pom_hongseol) on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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