Enjoy a Relaxing ASMR Spa Day With Little Manyu the Shiba Inu

Wish you had a spa day to look forward to? For one lucky Shiba in Japan named Little Manyu, pretty much every day is spa day!

Enjoy a Relaxing ASMR Spa Day With Little Manyu the Shiba Inu
Credit: @littlemanyu_/Instagram

For his followers who don’t have a bed of flowers waiting for them, Little Manyu also incorporates ASMR sounds into his videos to help them relax.

Just another day in the luxurious life of Little Manyu.

If you’re wondering what one of his actual days looks like, it ain’t so ruff either.

Of course Little Manyu has his own little “ofuro” (a traditional Japanese cedar bathtub)

He doesn’t spend all his time lounging indoors though. But when he does step out, he looks damn fine doing it.

Here here is soaking in a lovely sunset with his loving human.

In October, Little Manyu got a little brother named Xiaobai.

Whose now also living a life we all wish we had!

Ok fine! One last massage since you’re so cute and well-behaved.

For more of his laid-back life, follow @littlemanyu on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. For a a Shiba Inu you probably recognize, but don’t know the story behind, meet Cheems Balltze, the viral “meme doge” who sadly passed away.

Cheems shiba inu viral meme dog memorial by @moraji46
Credit: @moraji46/Twitter
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