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You guessed it – Florida strikes again and it’s almost as weird as this possum’s B&E. A man grabbed a live gator and went for a beer run. In the video, you see him toting the gator under his arm like a crocodile-skin clutch, only still alive.

Sweet Tart, aka the Olivia Pope of felines, just became the mayor of a small Michigan town. Sweet Tart purred her way to the top of the votes, beating out another cat, 13 dogs, a peacock, a goat and a chicken. The peacock, whose name is Bert, stated: “Peacocks have very good brains, I know everything.”

Drake’s song In My Feelings has created a dance challenge, inspiring some pretty hilarious – and tragic – viral videos. But, as always, we like the ones with four-legs best. The In My Feelings Challenge is also called the Keke Challenge or The Shiggy Dance Challenge.

When Kelsie Powers first rescued Diesel, she had no idea how big the cat would grow. Reaching a whopping 25 pounds the house-beast (her words, not mine) resembles a tiny, shorthaired panther. While no one knows for sure why Diesel’s grown as big as he has, vets suspect it could be feline acromegaly.

Two orphaned kittens were found in the West Highlands of Scotland. Scottish wildcat kittens are an adorably real thing, but their species is close to extinction. The Scottish wildcat, also known as a Highlands tiger, is a subspecies of the European wildcat native to Scotland.

Farrah Abraham’s life has been televised since she made her debut on 16 & Pregnant and later Teen Mom. She posted a very public video of her daughter, Sophia and herself mourning the loss of their dog, Blue who passed away suddenly. The video below is shocking – be warned you can see Blue’s body lying on the vet table underneath the pair.

Columbo was rescued from a near-death experience by two good samaritans in Georgia. Jarrett Little was out for an average Tuesday bike ride when he came across an injured pup, crawling out of the woods. “They say the odds of winning the lottery are one in a million,” Jarrett Little posted on his Facebook page “This pup was the winner this week.” “We stopped to regroup and he came out of the woods to greet us. He was really thin, ribs showing and had a lot of road rash and a broken leg,” Little told CBS News.

Baloo was found abandoned in the forest – he was starving, sporting the saddest eyes in the world and a bad case of mange. Animal control officers brought him into the Hernando County Animal Services in Florida. Someone had been abusing him so badly that shelter workers couldn’t get near him.

A baby chimp born at the Detroit Zoo is named after the scientist Jane Goodall. Th chimp was born on Wold Chimpanzee Day. Her namesake Jane Goodall was an English primatologist from 1960 who studied the social interactions of wild chimpanzees.

Bennie’s a black lab lookin’ for love. The black lab was found abandoned and paralyzed in the streets of China. He was found by rescuers who brought him to safety and provided him with life-saving surgery.