There’s a new celebrity in town, and this one has four legs and fur (or not). Pets have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years, to the point where they are now bona fide celebrities. Just take a look at some of these furry or feathered stars and you’ll see what we mean.

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Top 5 Celebrity Pets and Their Pampered Lifestyles

Celebrity pets often lead lives of luxury, thanks to their famous owners who spare no expense when it comes to their care. In this article, we’ll introduce you to five celebrity pets whose extravagant lifestyles include gourmet meals, designer accessories, and top-notch health care. We’ll explore the ways celebrities pamper their pets and ensure their furry friends receive the best possible care.

The Incredible Journey of Nanuq, the Australian Shepherd who Crossed the Bering Sea

Hold on to your hats, folks, because we have a wild story for you today! A one-year-old Australian Shepherd, named Nanuq (which means polar bear), has just returned home after a 166-mile trek across Alaska’s Bering Sea. That’s right, you heard us correctly!

Kim Kardashian Hooks Up With Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Choupette in Paris

After a date night in Paris, can we expect to see Kim and Choupette walking the red carpet together at the upcoming Met Gala?

Courtney Cox Is an Obsessed Dog Mom Trying Her Best

"The One Where Monica Gets the Cold Shoulder from Her Canine Crew"

Fuku the Chihuahua Cosplayer has the Cutest Felt Outfits (@pekosandesu)

Fuku-chan is a cosplaying Chihuahua from Japan, that takes cuteness to another level thanks to her custom felt hats and costumes.

Nicolas Cage Gives the First Public Look at His Exotic Pets on “60 Minutes”

The usually very private Nicolas Cage allowed "60 Minutes" into his home, where he gave viewers the first public look at his exotic pets!

Ham Arang the Bichon Frise Makes the Funniest Faces (@arang2o_o)

But how many cute and silly faces can one dog make? Well, Ham Arang's 550,000+ followers will tell you there can never be enough of this goofy gal!

Meat Biscuit Superdog – The Sneakerhead Sausage Dog

When thinking of a "Hypebeast" you probably imagine a human that's really into sneakers and clothes. Well, when you meet Biscuit, you better not count dogs out of the streetwear game any longer.

The Story of Thomas the Blind Bisexual Goose Who Became an Inspirational Parent and LGBTQ+ Icon

Thomas was a blind bisexual goose in New Zealand that lived an impressive 40 years before he passed away in 2018. But his legacy as a gay partner and loving parent will continue to inspire for years to come. Thomas: The 90s kid Thomas’ love story of epic proportions starts back in his youth.

Marge the Hen Overcame Her Disability and Became One Cool Chick

Marge is a Polish Hen who was adopted in 2021 by a very kind human. You see, while Marge is clearly a born fashionista, she also has a disability and can’t walk on her own. So Marge’s mom has put her time, energy, and love into helping rehabilitate her since then.