There’s a new celebrity in town, and this one has four legs and fur (or not). Pets have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years, to the point where they are now bona fide celebrities. Just take a look at some of these furry or feathered stars and you’ll see what we mean.

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Meet Shop Cat Paul: Employee of the Year, Loaf, and Cancer Fighter

Shop Cat Paul goes from street cat to a loaf to inspiring people around the world.

Clever Cat Breaks TV As A Way To Get More Attention

Vito is a clever cat who knows how to get what he wants. Except the attention seeking kitty has outdone himself this time, managing to break the family TV as a way to get more of the attention he so craves. Owner Valentina Colombo shares that “Vito doesn’t seem sorry” for his antics, knowing that he will always be the baby of the family no matter what mischief he gets into.

Loli the cat returns after missing for 12 years

Loli’s story started way back in 2009, when Christine De Castro adopted Loli from the Toronto Humane Society. The feisty two-year-old tabby didn’t stick around too long and soon went missing in 2010. De Castro had no luck finding her, with no replies to her missing cat posts online.

Ouka The Fluffy Flying Dog, A World Traveler Takes Flight Over France

Ouka the Fluffy Flying Dog is a world traveler who takes flight over France with his human, Shams. Ouka is no ordinary dog- he loves being in the air and has no fear of heights! This brave Samoyed has his own page on social media where hundreds of thousands of fans come to check in on him and encourage his adventures.

Man trains his goldfish to play soccer

Dogs? Pigs? Elephants? Yeah, we've all seen animals with feet playing soccer. But how about playing soccer with fins?

Capybaras, World’s Friendliest Animal, Friend to Humans, and Famous Everywhere

Capybaras are the world’s largest rodents and they are known for their calm demeanor and friendly nature. Dubbed the World’s Friendliest Animal, these fuzzy oversized rodents are social creatures. Most of their day is spent laying near shallow water and hanging out with other capybaras.

Anne and Ginger Biscuit, The Kitten Who Found a Friend in a Dog

Anne and Ginger Biscuit have been through a lot together. The two of them were both brought to Greenside Animal Hospital as strays, and they were both very sick. Anne was covered in fleas and ticks, and she was very weak.

Elderly penguin gets custom sneakers for foot condition at New England Aquarium

A 24-year-old African penguin named Beach Donkey has suffered from a foot condition for two years, but is now strutting comfortably in style.

Horse Kicks: $4,800 custom sneakers for your horse

Custom shoe designer Marcus Floyd has collabed with VisitLEX to create custom horse sneakers to promote Lexington, Kentucky as the Horse Capital of the World, along with partial proceeds going to charity.

Theo and Mina a Couple TikTok Creator BFF Kitties on an Adventure

Theo and Mina are a couple cats who love adventuring together and documenting their travels on TikTok. These BFFs love nothing more than spending time together, whether they’re exploring new places or just relaxing at home. They weren’t always BFFs View this post on Instagram A post shared by Theo and Mina (@theoandmina) Eventually it worked out and they grew close…