There’s a new celebrity in town, and this one has four legs and fur (or not). Pets have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years, to the point where they are now bona fide celebrities. Just take a look at some of these furry or feathered stars and you’ll see what we mean.

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Gabriel Feitosa Grooming Gives Shelter Dogs Luxury Makeovers To Help Get Them Adopted

Gabriel Feitosa and his team give shelter dogs eye-catching makeovers to help them find furever homes while raising adoption awareness!

Matt Damon Says His Rescued Jungle Cat Is Jacked Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Matt Damon adopted a tough jungle cat while in Costa Rica and he says thanks to steroids, the kitty is jacked like Schwarzenegger!

Forget Walks in the Park, Ninja the Parkour Dog Walks up Walls!

Ninja was also recently crowned the winner of the 2024 Top Dog Germany competition!

Statue of the Official Boston Marathon Dog Has Been Unveiled, After He Passed away Last Year

Spencer the Golden Retriever cheered on Boston Marathon runners for a decade before he passed away from cancer in early 2023.

Louie the Rescued Racoon is Crowned the 2024 Cadbury Bunny

Louie is the first raccoon to win the esteemed title, with his winnings going to support his wildlife sanctuary!

Dave Portnoy and His Rescue Pitbull Miss Peaches Have Raised $500K for Dog Charities in 6 Weeks

Portnoy also shared there are plans for a "Miss Peaches Day" in Miami.

The Top 10 Bunny Influencers on Instagram

To celebrate Easter, we filled a basket full with some of the most popular bunny rabbit influencers on Instagram for you to enjoy!

The Story of Homer the Beagle: The NY Mets’ First Mascot and the Only MLB Animal Mascot

After one tumultuous season, Homer the Beagle was fired. But his legacy as the only real animal to be a Major League Baseball mascot lives on.

Simon Cowell Reveals His Sixth Dog (Just Two Months After His Last Adoption)

Simon Cowell just revealed his new chihuahua pup, with the proud dog dad recently welcoming a German Shepherd pup into his family back in January.

Celebrity Rescue Dog, Ethan Almighty, Helps Pass Anti-Animal Torture Legislation, ‘Ethan’s Law’

Ethan Almighty turned from an abuse survivor to an advocate - And used his celebrity status to help pass a bill to strengthen animal abuse laws in Kentucky!