There’s a new celebrity in town, and this one has four legs and fur (or not). Pets have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years, to the point where they are now bona fide celebrities. Just take a look at some of these furry or feathered stars and you’ll see what we mean.

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Glen Powell Shares a Cute Video (And Thirst Trap) Praising His Rescue Pup Brisket

Glen Powell adopted brisket while filming his new movie, "Twisters," and had to thank the pup for his support throughout the shoot.

Meet Beacon the Therapy Dog Assisting the U.S.A. Gymnastics Team

Beacon is U.S.A. Gymnastics' first therapy dog and their official "Goodest Boy" - Whose mission is to support their journey to the Olympics!

Axel the Fat Cat’s Weight Loss Journey Turned Him Into a Health Influencer and Philanthropist

Axel the cat (aka Biggie Smalls) simply wanted to share his weight loss journey to inspire others - Now he's a viral health influencer who's raising funds for his shelter!

F1 Champ Lewis Hamilton Credits a Vegan Diet for His Senior Bulldog’s Long and Healthy Life

While a vegan dog diet is considered controversial, Hamilton's pup is still fit and healthy after exceeding an average Bulldog's lifespan.

Danny Trejo Mourns the Loss of His 16-Year-Old “Pitbull Chasing” Chihuahua

Danny Trejo is an outspoken rescue dog advocate and has adopted many himself. Dixie the Chihuahua was the most famous of his pack.

Missy Elliott Admits She Postponed Her Tour to Care for Her Dying 17-Year-Old Dog

After 17 happy years by her side, hip-hop icon Missy Elliott chose to prioritize what little time she had left with her pup over her tour.

Bobby Flay Celebrates the 1st Birthday of Canelo, His Magnificent Maine Coon Kitty

Celebrity chef and cat dad Bobby Flay proudly shared a tribute to Canelo on his first birthday.

Interview With Princess Honeybelle: A Rescue Cat’s Colorful Career as a Chef, Model, and Influencer

After starting life in a shelter, Honey has combined her home baking business with a career as a fashion influencer - With international success!

Kristen Wiig, Kaia Gerber, and Josh Lucas Judge a ‘Palm Royale’ Cat Fashion Show 

As part of a promo for Apple TV's "Palm Royale," the cast judge a cat fashion show featuring iconic looks from the hit show!

Kygo (Human DJ) Brings Kygo (Terminally Ill Dog) as a VIP Festival Guest To Complete His Bucket List

Thanks to an interview with The Doggist, Kygo (the dog) was able to complete his bucket list by meeting the DJ he was named after!