Relax and Have Some Snacks With Fig the Tortoise (@through.the.lleaves)

Yes, there’s tons of exciting, funny, and adventurous pet content out there to enjoy… But what if you just want some pet content to chill out to? If that sounds like your (fig) jam, let me introduce you to a tranquil tortoise named Fig.

Fig has a lovely human named Chas who puts plenty of time in to ensure she has tasty snacks 24/7.

And while he’s snacking, you can be soothed by his ASMR.

For all those wondering what a full day in the life of Fig looks like:

And FYI Fig is quite the fashionista.

Here are some mental health tips for tortoises – But who says you can’t try them out too!

From checking out his crib, you can see Fig lives pretty fabulously.

While Fig is super cute, there are lots to consider if you want a tortoise of your own. Such as Fig is tiny now, but he’ll weigh 50 to 80 pounds one day!

Ok last one before you go and check out Fig for yourself.

For more chill content, follow Fig and his family at @through.the.lleaves on Instagram and TikTok.

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