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Stokes Twins' Pets

Does Stokes Twins Have Any Pets?

Mr. Handsome (Cat)

Breed: Maine Coon | Adopted Aug 2021

In August 2021, the Stokes twins purchased a Giant Maine Coon kitten which they anticipate to grow into the world’s largest cat over 40lbs. The twins have lived with various pets as they grew up but none of the size of a Maine Coon cat breed. Mr. Handsome sadly passed away in October 2022, due to a debilitating disease that needed him to be put to sleep.

Ginger (Cat)

Breed: Maine Coon | Adopted Apr 2023

After the tragic loss of Mr. Handsome, Alan surprised his brother Alex with another Maine Coon cat in April 2023, who he named Ginger. And note the giant kitty in the video below is only 3 months old!


Surprising my Twin Brother with his dream pet

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Stokes Twins

Stokes Twins Pets


November 23, 1996 (27)

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The Stokes Twins consist of Alex and Alan Stokes who are Chinese-American twins and Internet celebrities known for their YouTube and TikTok accounts with tens of millions of followers. They began making videos separately and later combined their account to become the 9th largest YouTube streamers in the wold as measured by views per episode.