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January 16, 1988 (36)

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Mel Fronckowiak is a Brazilian actress, singer, and writer known primarily for her role in the television series “Rebelde” and as a member of the band Rebeldes.

Mel Fronckowiak began her acting career with a notable role in the Brazilian telenovela “Rebelde” (2011-2012), playing Carla Ferrer. She joined the band Rebeldes, formed by the main cast of the telenovela, which enjoyed significant success, including tours and albums. After “Rebelde,” Fronckowiak became a presenter on the Brazilian television program “A Liga” (2013-2014). She authored the book “Inclassificável: Memórias da Estrada,” reflecting on her experiences and career.

Throughout her career, Mel Fronckowiak has collaborated with several prominent individuals. In “Rebelde,” she worked with Chay Suede, Arthur Aguiar, Lua Blanco, Sophia Abrahão, and Micael Borges, who were part of the main cast and the Rebeldes band. In “A Liga,” she worked with Cazé Peçanha, a well-known Brazilian presenter. She also collaborated with Diego Montez in “Os Dez Mandamentos” (2015-2016) and with Rodrigo Santoro in the film “Heleno” (2011).