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Liam Thompson has a labradoodle named Max.



Liam Thompson had a cat named Frodo. He built a cat elevator for him to help Frodo move around in his old age. Frodo passed away in 2021.

Liam Thompson

Liam Thompson

Liam Thompson, born 25 April 2000, is a YouTube personality from Auckland, New Zealand. As of December 2021, he has 1,930,000 subscribers. Thompson’s channel consists of a mix of different videos with no common theme; however, his most successful videos tend to include his pet labradoodle, Max. He also often includes his 20-year-old cat named Frodo (died February 26 2022). On 20th July 2020, his YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers. He celebrated the next day with a video, in which he bought Max 1 million dog biscuits, most of which he donated.