Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Breaks Farmers Arm, Smashes Through Metal Fence, and Escapes by Swimming to an Abandoned Island

Even the cows in Poland are tough as nails.

One badass bovine decided to take matters into her own hooves after finding out she was destined for the slaughterhouse. Her farmer tried to warn the transport crew that they would need to sedate the furious cow before loading her into the truck. They didn’t listen and lived to pay the price.

angry cow

The cow smashed through the crew like bowling pins in her mad dash to freedom. She blasted her way through a metal fence, hurtling her body through the air.

A misguided worker tried to stop the heifer; he ended up with a broken arm, bruised ribs, and empty hands.

Our cutthroat cow hit the shore of Nyskie Lake and dove in. Channeling Michael Phelps, she swam to an uninhabited island a safe distance from the mainland. From her vantage point, she could see her enemy approach from every direction.

The cow makes sure no one gets too close with her aggressive antics and guerilla escape tactics. After a week, Mr. Łukasz the farmer gave up on her capture. Instead, he started bringing food to the island as a form of penance, or possibly just so the cow could have something to eat.

All hail our new bovine overlord, The Cow.

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