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Elaina Keyes' Pets

Does Elaina Keyes Have Any Pets?

Milo (Cat)

Elaina Keyes has an orange cat named Milo.

Shadow (Cat)

Adopted Nov 2022

Elaina Keyes adopted a younger brother for Milo in November 2022. Shadow is a black cat with many nicknames including lil miss, miss thang, miss thing, ma’am, miss, miss girl, chonk, lil chonk, shady cat, kitty cat baby, missy.

Elaina Keyes

Elaina Keyes Pets


January 17, 1995 (29)

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Elaina Marie Keyes is an American puppeteer, singer, and actress, notable for her performances in the SML (Super Mario Logan) video series where she is renowned for portraying the character Rosalina. Her debut came about in “American Idol Episode 1” in October 2015, where she brought the character Rosalina to life, and her first significant role in a video emerged in “Mario’s New Girlfriend!”, again portraying Rosalina​1​. Her foray into the SML universe didn’t just stop there; she lent her voice to six characters as of June 2016, enriching the series with her vocal diversity.

Elaina’s professional journey didn’t restrict itself to puppeteering alone; she explored acting and singing, which reflected in her ventures outside the SML series. Known for her roles in “Super Mario Logan (2007),” “SuperMarioLogan: The New House (2017),” and “SML: The Movie (2022),”

Elaina’s collaborations extend to working with other creators and artists within the SML community. In a particular episode titled “Career Day!” from the series “Super Mario Logan,” directed by Logan Thirtyacre and she shared the creative space with Chris Netherton, Lovell Stanton, and Lance Thirtyacre.