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Janet-Laine Green does not have any reported pets.

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December 31, 1951 (72)

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Janet-Laine Green is a Canadian actress, director, and producer, distinguished for her contributions to film, television, and voice acting. She has garnered multiple awards throughout her career, including a Genie Award nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role and a Gemini Award for her work in television.

In her expansive career, Green has taken on diverse roles across various platforms. She starred in the film “She Cried Murder” and the television series “Seeing Things,” for which she received critical acclaim. Green’s voice acting repertoire is equally impressive, having lent her voice to characters in animated series such as “The Care Bears Movie” and “Babar.”

Janet-Laine Green’s career is marked by notable collaborations with esteemed individuals in the entertainment industry, including actors such as Gordon Pinsent, with whom she worked in “The Rowdyman,” and Colleen Dewhurst in “Anne of Green Gables.” She also collaborated with directors like Atom Egoyan and actors like Sarah Polley.