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Jack Harlow's Pets

Does Jack Harlow Have Any Pets?

Raybo (Dog)

Breed: Mixed Breed

Jack Harlow has a family dog named Raybo. Raybo’s breed is a Golden Retriever-Poodle-Labrador mix, and the pup lives with his parents in Louisville, Kentucky. Raybo was featured alongside Harlow in a GQ Interview in December 2020 (pictured here).

Poodle from 'Lovin on Me' Music Video (Dog)

Breed: Poodle | Adopted Oct 2023

Jack Harlow has a new chocolate poodle puppy that was featured in his “Loving on Me” music video in November 2023. The pup also appeared in several of his TikTok leading up to the video dropping. Harlow has yet to publicly reveal his new dog’s name.

In February 2024, TMZ asked what his dog’s name is, with Harlow saying he’s keeping it a secret to respect her privacy.

Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow Pets


March 13, 1998 (26)

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Jack Harlow, an American rapper and songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky, has rapidly emerged as a prominent figure in the contemporary hip-hop scene. Known for his distinctive flow and clever lyricism, Harlow first gained major attention with his hit single “Whats Poppin.” His career trajectory has been marked by a series of successful releases and collaborations, propelling him into the spotlight as one of the fresh and influential voices in modern rap.

Harlow’s music career is anchored by his impactful albums and singles. His debut album, That’s What They All Say, solidified his place in the music industry, featuring a blend of introspective tracks and high-energy bangers. The album includes hits like “Tyler Herro” and “Way Out.” His earlier mixtape, Confetti, also garnered significant attention, showcasing his potential early in his career.

Collaboration has been a cornerstone of Harlow’s rise. He has worked with a range of artists, demonstrating his versatility and appeal across genres. Notable collaborations include “Industry Baby” with Lil Nas X, which became a chart-topping success. His work with Chris Brown on “Already Best Friends” and with Big Sean on “Way Out” further highlights his adaptability and reach within the music industry. Additionally, Harlow has joined forces with artists like Adam Levine, DaBaby, and Tory Lanez, each collaboration adding a new dimension to his growing discography.

Harlow’s accomplishments in the music industry are noteworthy. He has received several nominations for prestigious awards, reflecting his impact and popularity. His nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance for “Whats Poppin” is a testament to his skill and the widespread appeal of his music. Furthermore, his collaborative track “Industry Baby” with Lil Nas X not only topped charts but also cemented his status as a leading artist in the rap genre.