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Does Huang Xiaoming Have Any Pets?

Scottish Fold (Cat)

Breed: Scottish Fold

Angelababy has a Scottish Fold cat that she spoils on Instagram.

Since marrying Huang Xiaoming, the couple seem to have adopted a few more Scottish Folds, although we weren’t able to source their names.

Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming Pets


November 13, 1977 (46)

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Huang Xiaoming is a Chinese actor, singer, and model, known for his significant impact on the Chinese entertainment industry.

Huang has portrayed a range of characters that have resonated with audiences. He gained widespread attention for his role in “The Return of the Condor Heroes” (2006), where he played Yang Guo. His filmography includes “The Banquet” (2006), where he showcased his acting prowess, and “Ip Man 2” (2010), which was a commercial success. In “American Dreams in China” (2013), he delivered a performance that was both critically and commercially acclaimed. Beyond acting, Huang has also released music albums, adding a musical dimension to his career.

Huang’s career is marked by collaborations with numerous notable figures in the entertainment industry. He worked with Fan Bingbing in “The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom” (2014), and with Donnie Yen in “Ip Man 2” (2010). His role in “The Founding of a Party” (2011) saw him acting alongside Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, and Zhou Xun. In “The Message” (2009), he collaborated with Li Bingbing and Zhou Xun. His work with Angelababy in “Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon” (2013) and “Bride Wars” (2015). Other significant collaborations include Sammo Hung in “The Guillotines” (2012), Deng Chao in “American Dreams in China” (2013), and Zhao Wei in “Hollywood Adventures” (2015).

Throughout his career, Huang has been recognized with various awards and honors for his contributions to film and television. He received the Best Actor award at the 15th Huading Awards for “The Years You Were Late” (2018). His performance in “American Dreams in China” earned him a Best Actor nomination at the 33rd Hundred Flowers Awards. Additionally, he won the Magnolia Award for Best Actor at the Shanghai Television Festival for his role in “The Return of the Condor Heroes.”