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Clue (Dog)

Chad Wild Clay and the Spy Ninja team welcomed a new member, a dog named Clue, who was discovered on their property following a burglary. During the break-in, the thieves made off with retro games and VR equipment worth over $200,000, but inadvertently left behind the adorable dog.

Chad Wild Clay

Chad Wild Clay Pets


March 10, 1984 (39)

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Chad Wild Clay is an American YouTuber and content creator, known for his unique blend of comedy, music, and video game content. He gained prominence with his parodies, challenges, and spy-themed videos, amassing a significant following on his YouTube channel. Clay is also recognized for his collaborative work with other YouTubers in the Spy Ninjas series.

Clay’s YouTube career is marked by a diverse range of content, including parodies of popular songs, challenges, and DIY gadget videos. His “Spy Ninjas” series, involving adventure and mystery-solving themes, has become particularly popular among his audience.

Throughout his career, Clay has collaborated with several YouTubers and content creators. He frequently works with Vy Qwaint, Daniel Gizmo, Regina Ginera, and Melvin PZ9 in the “Spy Ninjas” series.