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Does Amber Marshall Have Any Pets?

Nestled in the heart of Alberta, Amber Marshall's farm is a bustling menagerie filled with a delightful mix of horses, dogs, cats, cows, rabbits, alpacas, and chickens. With every creature adding its unique charm to the homestead, the farm is a lively oasis of love and care. Fun fact: some of these critters have also found their way to the spotlight, making special appearances on the popular television show, "Heartland."

Cruz (Horse)

Amber has a horse named Cruz. Amber and her husband attended a horse sale to assist a friend in choosing a new companion. However, as Amber walked through the sale barn, she was instantly smitten by a striking Palomino. Intriguingly, the two of them even share the same birthday!

Hawk (Horse)

Amber Marshall has a horse named Hawk. Hawk is a serene and affectionate horse. Amber’s mom has formed a significant bond with him, often taking him on trail rides and showering him with extra TLC. Even though he bears a resemblance to “Spartan,” Hawk has never played a role on “Heartland.”

Nitro (Horse)

Amber Marshall has a horse named Nitro. Nitro is the most versatile horse Amber has ever encountered. Remarkably athletic, her husband purchased him as a heel horse for Team Roping. Since then, Amber has taken cutting, working equitation, and jumping lessons with him. They both deeply adore this little red roan.

Talon (Horse)

Despite his modest stature, Talon is the leader of the herd. He enjoys playfully teasing Amber’s larger horses, often tugging on their tails or latching onto their necks with a spirited hang. Talon plays Monty on Heartland.

Screech (Horse)

Amber brought Screech home, believing that Talon needed a companion his own size. Now, Talon and Screech are inseparable buddies, often spotted grooming one another. Even though Screech bears a resemblance to “Sugarfoot,” he has never made an appearance on the show.

Slider (Horse)

Slider, along with several other colts raised by Amber’s close friends, was boarded on her farm during the summer months. Both Amber and Shawn developed a fondness for this little roan, leading Shawn to be curious about the colt’s potential. As of now, he has shown promise on the trails and various adventures, and as he matures, Shawn hopes to start roping with him.

Hippy (Horse)

Shawn had a close relationship with Hippy’s former owner and had roped using him several times over the past few years. When word got out that Hippy was available for purchase, Shawn promptly decided to acquire the little sorrel.

Finch (Horse)

Finch was barely a year old when he was en route to a slaughterhouse. Fortunately, a friend of Amber’s intervened, bringing Finch and his companions to her farm. The young colt swiftly captured Amber’s heart, and even though the initial plan was to rehome all three, Finch secured a permanent spot with her.

Ranger (Horse)

Ranger was born into a wild horse herd near Sundre, Alberta. Tragically orphaned at just two weeks old, he was found in a weakened state beside his deceased mother by a wildlife photographer. Without that timely discovery, Ranger might have fallen victim to starvation or predators. He was then promptly taken to the Wild Horses Of Alberta Society, where they nurtured him back to health. When they approached Amber about adopting the young horse, she readily welcomed him. Now robust and healthy, Ranger is integrating with Amber’s herd, learning the essentials of equine life. Amber is eagerly looking forward to witnessing his development and growth.

Remi (Dog)

Adopted 2010

Amber Marshall had a Shepherd named Remi that she adopted in 2010. Unfortunately Remi passed away in 2022.

Rein (Dog)

Rein was initially trained to be a working cattle dog, but her temperament proved to be better suited as Amber’s trusty companion. She bears a striking resemblance in character to China, exhibiting both impulsive and stubborn traits, yet she remains incredibly sweet and loyal.

Winnie (Dog)

Amber Marshall has a dog named Winnie.

China (Dog)

Adopted 2008

Amber Marshall has a dog named China that she adopted in 2008. China has passed away but she will always be remembered at the Marshall farm.

Willow (Dog)

Amber Marshall has a dog named Willow.

Mouzer (Cat)

Mouzer holds the title of the most pampered cat on Amber’s ranch. Her husband developed a fondness for him from the start and occasionally sneaks him into the house for their special “Cat Saturday” sessions. These two form an unexpected duo, often dozing off on the couch while enjoying classic films. On “Heartland,” Mouzer portrayed the kitten that Amy, Amber’s character, brought home inside her coat!

Miss Turner Valley (Cat)

Amber discovered ‘Turner’ as a diminutive kitten while filming in the town of Turner Valley. Encountering the undernourished and visibly frightened stray, Amber decided to give her a loving home.

Paisley and Swift (Cat)

Amber Marshall also has two cats named Paisley and Swift.

Ella (Cow)

When a friend purchased a herd of Mini Jerseys, Amber expressed interest in the first heifer calf born. Ella was the first to arrive that spring, and Amber was thrilled with this affectionate and playful milk cow.

Belle and Thunder (Cow)

Born to Ella on Amber’s farm, this delightful little Jersey has made her mark. She’s an exemplary mother, and Amber adores observing her bond with her mother, Ella, as they spend time grooming one another. Previously, when a friend decided to invest in a herd of Mini Jerseys, Amber expressed her desire for the first heifer calf. That season, Ella was the first to be born, bringing Amber immense joy with her affectionate and playful demeanor.

Tuff (Cow)

Amber’s friend Natalie raised the gentle behemoth known as Tuff. Natalie had acquired Tuff as a calf with the intention of breeding him with her mini jersey herd. Upon his arrival, he was critically ill, and it seemed they might lose him. However, with Natalie’s unwavering effort, Tuff managed to recover. Amber later took Tuff in, allowing him to sire numerous jerseys on her farm. After several years, Amber decided to retire Tuff, and he now enjoys a relaxed life overseeing the herd.

Rosie (Cow)

Amber Marshall has a cow named Rosie.

Mimsy and Raspberry (Rabbit)

Amber Marshall has two rabbits named Mimsy and Raspberry. Mimsy was born in Amber’s Hen House! His mother, a stunning grey Flemish Giant named Mya, was a cherished resident for many years. As Mimsy ages, he’s not as lively as in his younger days, yet the sight of Amber with fresh greens still excites him. He’d eagerly hop to the edge of his pen and stand on his hind legs, seemingly signaling, “yes please!” to her.

Betty (Alpaca)

Betty is highly protective of the young animals on Amber’s farm. When grazing with the cattle, she remains vigilant, constantly monitoring the young calves and scanning for potential threats. Betty has a keen sense of which animals belong on the farm. Whenever a new creature is introduced, whether it’s a dog, horse, cow, or any other animal, Betty is invariably the first to approach and inspect the newcomer.

Amber's Hen House (Bird)

Inside Amber’s Hen House includes a rooster named Phoenix, a pair of ducks named Sweet & Salty, two ducks that have passed away named Butter & Popcorn, and more.

Phoenix (Bird)

Phoenix is a current resident in Amber’s Hen House.

Gilman (Cat)

Gilman was known for his adventurous spirit. This orange tabby often embarked on unexpected journeys in trailers or hay floats, leading one to wonder about his many escapades. Amber and her team routinely conducted a “Gilman check” whenever a trailer departed the premises, but he seemed to always find a covert escape route. He certainly made the most of his nine lives, actively assisting with farm chores from 2011 to 2020. His antics are deeply missed.

Strawberry (Rabbit)

Strawberry was born on Amber’s farm and enjoyed many contented years there alongside her brother, Mimsy. While she wasn’t particularly sociable with humans, Strawberry cherished her time near Mimsy, diligently maintaining the vegetation around the hen house.

Amber Marshall

Amber Marshall Pets


June 2, 1988 (36)

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Amber Marshall is a Canadian actress and singer, prominently recognized for her lead role in the popular television series, “Heartland.” With a career that spans over two decades, Marshall has engraved her name in the annals of the television industry, earning admiration and respect from audiences and critics alike.

Marshall burst onto the acting scene with her role in the Nickelodeon series, “The Power Strikers.” However, it was her portrayal of Amy Fleming in the CBC series “Heartland” that marked her breakout role and catapulted her to stardom. The series has had a long run, becoming one of the longest-running one-hour dramatic series in Canadian television history. Moreover, Marshall’s role in “Heartland” has also been appreciated for its representation of women in the rural and ranching sectors, showcasing a strong and independent character.

Throughout her career, Marshall has worked with a diverse array of celebrities and influential individuals, each one contributing to her artistic growth. In the realm of television, she has collaborated with Shaun Johnston, Michelle Morgan, Alisha Newton, and Graham Wardle on “Heartland.” In the world of film, her acting prowess has been witnessed alongside stars such as Natasha Henstridge in “The Christmas Shoes,” and Billy Zane in “The Elizabeth Smart Story.” Her list of collaborators also includes notable names like Robert Clinton, John Ralston, and Gabriel Hogan among others.

As a testament to her skills and contribution to the television industry, Marshall has received several awards and distinctions. She was honored with the Rosie Award for Best Alberta Actress in 2007, followed by her winning the Canada’s Screen Star Award in 2013, which is voted on by the public, demonstrating her significant popularity with audiences. Additionally, her work in “Heartland” garnered her a nomination for a Gemini Award in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role.