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How Many Pets Does Liev Schreiber's Have



Yorkshire Terrier | Adopted 2001

Watts got Bob as a puppy way back in 2001. Over the years, he’s had two surgeries and metal hip, along with being bit by a donkey, but he’s still going strong.

Woody and Willow

Mixed Breed | Adopted Sep 2017

Woody and Willow are two scruffy mixed breed pups displaced by the Texas Tropical Storm, Hurricane Harvey. Liev Schreiber found them backstage at the Live with Kelly and Ryan morning talk show, prepping for their segment on Hurricane Harvey dogs. Liev knew the dogs would be perfect for his two sons with Naomi Watts, Samuel and Sasha, and adopted the pair on the spot.

Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber

Isaac Liev Schreiber is an American actor and filmmaker born October 4, 1967 and has an estimated net worth of $16 million. After a series of independent film roles in the early 1990s, his big break came when he was cast in the Scream film trilogy. This led to supporting roles in major studio films, such as Ransom (1996) with Mel Gibson, The Hurricane (1999) with Denzel Washington and The Sum of All Fears (2002) with Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman. He also starred with Hugh Jackman in Kate and Leopold (2001) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). Also known for his success on Broadway, he is currently the star of the Showtime series Ray Donovan. He had an 11-year relationship with actress Naomi Watts and has two children with her.