Meet Mamé the skateboarding zebra finch

Mamé is a zebra finch living his best life in Japan. You may recognize his look and style, but if you’re not familiar with zebra finches, here’s a brief intro. This type of zebra finch originates from Australia and has been bred as pets for over 100 years. They’re very social and considered easy birds to care for and live up to 10 years. They’re very smart and can be trained. In Mamé’s case, he picked up skateboarding as a hobby when he was just over three months old.

Here’s Mamé learning to skateboard with the help of his rubber ducky buddy.

And he’s been training regularly since.

But he always makes time for a snack.

Now with some skateboarding skills, he has no prob showing off to his ducky how far he’s come.

Here’s Mamé in December after 6 months of training. As you can tell by his chirp, he’s pretty confident on his skateboard.

After a long day of skating, he’s happy to cool off with a bath.

And then a quick visit to the salon.

He has other hobbies too, such as classical singing.

And he’s as skilled in the air as he is on a board.

Here’s Mamé celebrating his first Christmas.

Throwback to baby Mamé!! To see how his skateboarding career grows, follow him on Instagram.

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