Farrah Ambraham’s Loses Dog Right After Being Charged With Assault

Farrah Abraham‘s life has been televised since she made her debut on 16 & Pregnant and later Teen Mom.

She posted a very public video of her daughter, Sophia and herself mourning the loss of their dog, Blue who passed away suddenly. The video below is shocking – be warned you can see Blue’s body lying on the vet table underneath the pair. At first, fans met the news with suspicion because Abraham had convinced her daughter to publicly prank a friend by saying her dog died the week before; it appears that Blue has actually passed away. The sad news gets a little weirder still, with Abraham announcing she would have Blue stuffed and mounted on a shelf in their home. We all deal with loss differently.

Their beloved pooches passing comes on the heels of Abraham being charged over a fight with a Beverly Hills hotel security guard. She was arrested on June 13th following the incident.

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