Top Ten Pet Halloween Costumes in 2017

The best part about Halloween isn’t the free candy or excuse to wear absolutely anything you feel like that day. It’s getting to see the adorable and outrageous Halloween costumes people have for their pets! Check out our favorites below.

10. Dog Ross

bob ross labradoodle halloween dog costume

“No mistakes, just happy little accidents,” Dog Ross whispered to himself, after peeing on the rug.

9. Pugnana

Pug halloween costume dog

Make sure you get your pugtassium!

8. Dogald Rump

trump Halloween dog costume

“My treats are the best treats. Nobody has treats better than me! In fact, anyone that says they have better treats than me is fake news. Now, back to chasing balls.”

7. Puppywise the Clown

IT Halloween dog costume

Yep, still going to have nightmares.

6. First day of Dogwarts

Harry Potter halloween dog costume

Late for class again, Hairy Pupper?

5. If he’s here, who’s guarding the Philosopher’s Stone?

corgi fluffy halloween dog costume

Like they say, three heads are better than one!

4. Move over Elisabeth Moss

handmaids tale dog halloween

Blessed be thy dog treats!

3. Float like a butterfly, sting like a.. Boston-Terrier-Scorpion mix?

Despite the obvious danger, would still try to pet.

2. A literal interpretation

pug poop factory halloween dog costume

We can speculate as to how and why their hooman chose this particular costume for their pup…

1. First time we’ve seen Boo Bees on a dog

Boo Bees halloween dog costume

Give these Boo Bee’s some heckin’ treats already!

Happy Halloween fellow floofers. We hope your spooky holiday is full of treats instead of tricks!

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