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Does Madison Bontempo Have Any Pets?

Almost 2019 Dog

Madison Bontempo and Kyler Fisher nearly expanded their family with a dog in 2019 but ultimately decided against adoption due to the pup’s high energy levels. They documented their brief encounter in a video named “MEET OUR NEW FAMILY PUPPY!“.

Almost 2020 Dog

In 2020, Madison Bontempo and Kyler Fisher considered adding another dog to their family, even introducing the puppy to their children, but eventually chose not to proceed with the adoption. They chronicled this experience in their YouTube video titled “SURPRISED TAYTUM AND OAKLEY WITH A NEW PUPPY!

Fish (Fish)

Adopted Sep 2017

Madison Bontempo did adopt some fish back in September 2017.

Madison Bontempo

Madison Bontempo Pets


December 20, 1991 (32)

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Madison Bontempo, also known by her married name Madison Nicole Fisher, is an American actress, model, and social media influencer. Her early career in the entertainment industry began with modeling for major brands such as Disney and Mattel, leading to her transition into acting. Notable roles in her acting career include appearances in “The Metrosexual” (2007), “Lincoln Heights” (2008), and voice acting in “Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling” (2009). Beyond her work in film and television, Fisher has made significant strides as a social media influencer, particularly through The Fishfam YouTube channel and her personal channel, The MADLife.

Madison’s acting career saw its inception at a young age with her role as Debbie in “The Metrosexual,” followed by a television appearance in “Lincoln Heights.” Her voice acting in “Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling” showcased her versatility in the entertainment field. Further acting pursuits included roles in “The Last Straw” (2014) and “Love Everlasting” (2016).

Throughout her career, Madison has collaborated with numerous individuals across various sectors of the entertainment industry, including fellow family influencer Savannah LaBrant and actress Courtney Paige, with whom she co-founded Yeehaw Films in 2022. Her work with Kyler Fisher, her husband, especially on their shared YouTube channel and in film productions such as “Run Away to Mars” (2023) and “Chapel” (2023), has been central to her success as a content creator and producer.