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Laura Pergolizzi (LP)'s Pets

Does Laura Pergolizzi (LP) Have Any Pets?

Orson (Dog)

Breed: Brussels Griffon

LP has a Brussels Griffon named Orson.

Laura Pergolizzi (LP)

Laura Pergolizzi (LP) Pets

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Laura Pergolizzi, known professionally as LP, is an American singer and songwriter who gained prominence for her unique vocal range and heartfelt lyrics. The distinct combination of pop, rock, and indie music in her compositions has led to her recognition as an influential figure in contemporary music.

LP’s career is noted for an extensive discography, with her initial success coming from writing hits for popular artists, before moving into her solo career. She had a few minor releases, including her debut album “Heart-Shaped Scar” (2001) and “Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol” (2004), but it was her song “Into the Wild,” featured in a Citibank commercial in 2012, that made audiences sit up and take notice. Her later albums such as “Forever for Now” (2014), “Lost on You” (2016), and “Heart to Mouth” (2018) have further solidified her standing in the music industry. The title track of “Lost on You,” a hauntingly beautiful song, became a major hit internationally, topping charts in multiple countries and earning her a dedicated global fanbase.

Throughout her career, LP has collaborated with numerous artists across various genres, enriching her musical portfolio. She has written songs for Cher, Rihanna, Backstreet Boys, and Christina Aguilera, to name a few. Her work with pop diva Rihanna on “Cheers (Drink to That)” and Leona Lewis‘s chart-topper “Fingerprints” are testament to her versatile songwriting skills. She also co-wrote the hit song “Beautiful People,” performed by Christina Aguilera. Collaborations with artists like Mylène Farmer on the song “N’oublie pas” further expanded her global reach, exposing her music to new audiences.

LP’s distinct musical style and profound lyrics have been recognized with several awards and honors. Her album “Lost on You” was certified four times Platinum in Italy and Greece, and Gold in Mexico, France, Poland, and Switzerland. The title track received a Diamond certification in France and multiple Platinum certifications in Italy and Poland. In 2012, LP won the International Songwriting Competition for her song “Into the Wild.” These recognitions bear testimony to LP’s influence on the global music stage.