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Kerry King's Pets

Does Kerry King Have Any Pets?

JoJo (Cat)

Kerry King has a black cat named Jojo.

Gypsy (Cat)

Adopted Dec 2014

Kerry King rescued a cat named Gypsy from a homeless man in the freezing cold when he was offered the kitten for a dollar. While the band was on tour in 2014, he stumbled across the kitten while touring the streets of Indianapolis.

Kerry King's pet Rescue Dogs

Rescue Dogs

Kerry King has a soft spot for animals and he has rescued a few dogs of his own.

Snake Warehouse (Snake)

Kerry King is also a fan of snakes and even has his own shop specializing in reptiles, snakes, and other lizards. He called his shop the “Snake Warehouse”.

Kerry King

Kerry King Pets


June 3, 1964 (59)

Kerry King is a legendary heavy metal guitarist and songwriter who is best known as a founding member and guitarist of the iconic thrash metal band, Slayer. King’s breakout role came in the early 1980s, when he formed Slayer alongside fellow guitarist Jeff Hanneman. The band quickly gained a reputation for their aggressive sound and controversial lyrics, which often dealt with topics such as violence, religion, and politics. Slayer went on to become one of the most influential bands in the thrash metal genre, and their impact can still be felt in the music world today.

King’s accomplishments as a guitarist are numerous. He has been praised for his inventive and technically demanding playing style, which combines elements of speed, precision, and aggression. He has also been recognized for his songwriting abilities, contributing to some of Slayer’s most iconic tracks, including “Angel of Death,” “Raining Blood,” and “South of Heaven.”

King has collaborated with a number of influential artists and musicians. He has toured with notable acts such as Megadeth, Anthrax, and Testament, and has worked with producers such as Rick Rubin and Andy Wallace. He has also been a mentor and inspiration to many young musicians, both in the thrash metal genre and beyond.