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José Luis Perales does not have any reported pets.

José Luis Perales

José Luis Perales Pets


January 18, 1945 (79)

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José Luis Perales is a Spanish singer-songwriter and composer, renowned for his significant contributions to the Latin pop and ballad genres. His career is distinguished by the release of over 27 albums and the composition of more than 500 songs, with notable hits like “¿Y cómo es él?” and “Te quiero.”

Perales has demonstrated a remarkable ability in both singing and songwriting. His album “En clave de amor” (1981) stands out for its commercial success, while “Navegando por ti” (2006) showcases his enduring appeal in the 21st century. His songwriting prowess is evident in compositions for artists like Julio Iglesias, for whom he wrote “Me olvidé de vivir,” and Isabel Pantoja, with the song “Marinero de luces.”

Perales’ collaborations extend beyond individual artists to include work with various musicians and composers. He has collaborated with artists such as Rocío Jurado, Jeanette, and Paloma San Basilio. His work with Jeanette on the song “Porque te vas” was a hit across traditional boundaries.

The impact of Perales’ career is further evidenced by the numerous awards and recognitions he has received. He has been awarded multiple Gold and Platinum records for his album sales, a testament to his commercial success. Additionally, his receipt of the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 highlights his enduring impact and contributions to the music industry.