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Does Foresen Have Any Pets?

Horsen Incident

Forsen accidentally opened a file with a horse gif which contained an inappropriate picture while streaming. He notes that he quickly saw the content, and closed the file immediately. Unfortunately, this lead to a permanent ban at the time. He has managed to get the ban overturned since the incident started in 2020.


Foresen Pets


December 16, 1990 (33)

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Sebastian Hans Eli Fors, known by the pseudonym Forsen, is a Swedish Twitch streamer who is known for competing in Starcraft II and Hearthstone. He is also known for his rowdy fanbase, who call themselves “Forsenboys” or “Forsen Bajs” and have had a hand in popularizing a number of controversial internet memes. In January 2018, a warped image of Fors’ face (“forsenE”) became the most-used emote on Twitch worldwide.