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Does Daniel Preda Have Any Pets?

Montana (Dog)

Adopted Mar 2021

Daniel Preda adopted a dog named Montana (Monty) in March 2021.

Monty's Puppies (Dog)

Adopted Dec 2022

Daniel Preda’s dog Monty had puppes in December 2022. He named them Grizzly, Buck, Woods, Huckleberry, Timber, Bow, Aspen, Yarrow, Winter, Fern & Twig.

Lark (Dog)

Daniel Preda had a dog named Lark that also had puppies in August 2019.

Dash (Dog)

Adopted Aug 2019

Dash was one of Lark’s puppies born in August 2019. Dash was lost in an accident in September 2021.

Daniel Preda

Daniel Preda Pets


December 16, 1992 (31)

Daniel Preda is a celebrated social media star, model and actor from Boston, Massachusetts. Born on December 16, 1992 to Italian parents, Preda has gained immense popularity due to his creative content on Instagram and YouTube. Having over 825,000 followers on Instagram and 325K subscribers on YouTube, he enjoys the love of millions of fans around the world for his fashion ideas and lifestyle videos. He also starred in “Escape the Night” (2016) series as well as short movie “It Gets Worse” in 2016 which further increased his fame. Although he started dating YouTuber Joey Graceffa in 2014 but ended it up in 2020 when they both decided to part ways after being together for six years. Currently relocating to Italy with their two dogs post break-up; Daniel continues to inspire people with his hard work and positive attitude towards life through his amazing content online!