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Does Cash Baker Have Any Pets?

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In an Instagram post with his wife Kate Marie Baker, Cash Baker posted “How many animals do you have? @katemaries_.” While the couple haven’t shared much content about their dogs, we suspect the duo have at least a couple dogs at home, or none.

Cash Baker

Cash Baker Pets


March 5, 2003 (21)


Kate Marie Baker

(2022 - )

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Cash Baker is an American social media personality, has carved a unique niche for himself in the digital world with his lip sync videos​​. Emerging alongside his brother Maverick Baker, Cash ventured into the creator industry in 2018 with their first single “The Way You Move.” Their foray into music was significantly bolstered by their popularity on TikTok, where they shared their music videos to a growing audience, earning them recognition under the duo name Cash and Maverick​​.

The digital space has been a conducive environment for Cash’s musical and creative endeavors. Besides his music, Cash’s presence on TikTok and Instagram has garnered a considerable following, with a total of over 30 million followers across these platforms. His TikTok content, predominantly comprising fandubs and lip-sync videos, has won the hearts of 17 million fans on the platform alone​.