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Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher
Pet Worth: $69,600

A miniature Pinscher Often spotted on Rodeo Drive and wandering the streets of Beverly Hills with Joseline Hernandez.

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez Net Worth:

$2 Million

Joseline Hernandez, born November 3, 1986, is an American-Latina rapper best known as the host of the popular VH1 show, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”. She has recently been highlighted in the media as “that crazy chick” having a potential baby with 2 notable musicians, Stevie J and Young Dro. Between rumors of her torching ex boyfriends cars, lashing out at the media, and the collection of articles on TMZ, you could say she lives up to that title.