Some are weird animals, some are exotic animals. Here are many peculiar celebrity pets for you to find out about.

One New Zealand town might ban cats completely in an effort to save their natural wildlife. Omaui is a tiny coastal town on the South Island of New Zealand. It’s home to rare species of animals that have evolved almost exclusively without the threat of mammals.

The case could be revolutionary: A horse named Justice sues his human abuser for $100,000. Justice’s previous owner, a woman named Gwendolyn Vercher, pleaded guilty to a charge of neglect and agreed to pay $3,700 to Sound Equine Oregon, the rescue shelter currently housing Justice. But, that’s not enough for the Animal Legal Defence Fund and their very human lawyers.

The Western world has seen recreational marijuana slowly march towards legalization. Cannabis has more and more become a part of peoples medical repertoire. Since pet owners always want the best for their furbaby, it’s no surprise they’ve started medicating Fluffy with cannabis products, too.

Marine biologists have discovered a new dolphin hybrid and it’s adorable. Spotted off the coast of Hawaii, the hybrid is half rough-toothed dolphin and half melon-headed whale. ” We came across a mixed group with two species: rough-toothed dolphins, and what appeared, at first, to be two melon-headed whales,” said Robin Baird, a research biologist with the Cascadia Research Collective. “

Chicken diapers are a thing. And, chicken enthusiasts love them. Julie Baker, the owner of Pampered Poultry, was just as surprised as you when she discovered the high demand for her custom-made chicken diapers.

The thief who kidnapped a horn shark named Miss Helen from the San Antonio Aquarium has been charged with felony theft. The heist was pulled off by netting Miss Helen out of a tide pool exhibit while the attendant was with other, innocent aquarium guests. The three thieves wrapped Miss Helen in a wet blanket but didn’t have anywhere to put her.

You guessed it – Florida strikes again and it’s almost as weird as this possum’s B&E. A man grabbed a live gator and went for a beer run. In the video, you see him toting the gator under his arm like a crocodile-skin clutch, only still alive.

When Kelsie Powers first rescued Diesel, she had no idea how big the cat would grow. Reaching a whopping 25 pounds the house-beast (her words, not mine) resembles a tiny, shorthaired panther. While no one knows for sure why Diesel’s grown as big as he has, vets suspect it could be feline acromegaly.

Two orphaned kittens were found in the West Highlands of Scotland. Scottish wildcat kittens are an adorably real thing, but their species is close to extinction. The Scottish wildcat, also known as a Highlands tiger, is a subspecies of the European wildcat native to Scotland.

Farrah Abraham’s life has been televised since she made her debut on 16 & Pregnant and later Teen Mom. She posted a very public video of her daughter, Sophia and herself mourning the loss of their dog, Blue who passed away suddenly. The video below is shocking – be warned you can see Blue’s body lying on the vet table underneath the pair.