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Lord Leo the Lazy Pom just had his 8th birthday, but he had to work… The thing is, he loves his job, which happens to a career in playing dead! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lord Leo the Lazy Pom (@lord_le0) Hailing from New York City, Leo doesn’t hesitate at the chance to kick back and play dead whenever he gets a chance.

Waffles The Cat was once just like every other kitten looking to get adopted from the litter. But for some reason, Waffles’ entire litter was adopted before he found his home. He was a little different than the others.

The World Dog Surfing Championship was held last weekend at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, California. First held in 2016, this year marks the 7th year “Where the Top Dog Surfers come together”. This first event only had five dogs competing in two weight classes.

Fanny is a Bernese Mountain Dog that once looked like every other Berny out there. She had the traditional black coat with a fluffy white chest and bright white socks. But to the owners surprise, the coat started changing.

Some things in life don’t need a narrative and we should just enjoy them because they are around. In comes Phil E. Chinchilla, the coolest floof with the tiniest feet.

In February 2021, Koji and Gustav, two of Lady Gaga’s three French bulldogs, were kidnapped at gunpoint, with one of the suspects shooting her dog walker in the lung. Her Frenchie Miss Asia was left and comforted the dog walker until help arrived. Thankfully, the dogs were returned and the brave dog walker recovered (which you can read about on our profile of Lady Gaga).

The largest kitty in the city, Samson The Cat aka Catstradamus, reaches 4ft long and weighs 28lbs. Meet Samson. He’s not fat by any means.

When you think of Japanese macaques, aka snow monkeys, you probably see cute chillin’ monkeys living a life of leisure, playing in the snow and soaking in hot springs. But you may also wonder, how do they afford this lavish lifestyle? Well, according to reports, one monkey gang has been on a month-long crime spree.

Comedy legends Chris Rock and Kevin Hart recently joined forces for a series of five standup shows named Rock Hart: Only Headlines Allowed in New York. When one of the shows ended, Hart brought a goat on stage to gift to the comedy G.O.A.T. Chris Rock.

This is the Royal Lion of Gripsholm Castle, found in Sweden. He was one of the first lions to end up in Scandinavia when he was gifted to King Frederick of Sweden in 1731. He lived at the Royal Game Park in Stockholm, along with other large wild cats and exotic animals.